News :

Dungeon Thief is now released!

12/03/15 by Zehas

The game is currently available on Google Play and the AppStore.

Unfortunately, we will not be supporting Windows Phone 8 in the near future.

New title soon joining our service

12/10/14 by Zehas

The game will be a multi-player puzzle game which is currently aimed at the Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices.

More informations will soon be available, stay tuned!

Ultimate Stratagem released on Android and iOS

04/12/13 by Zehas

We are happy to announce that Ultimate Stratagem has been successfully released and is now available on the AppStore and Google Play. The game can be played for free but requires a special access pass which can be purchased through the Shadow Realm™ to gain further features.

Feel free to join the Shadow Realm™ by clicking here

Shadow Realm™ service & Ultimate Stratagem announced

11/10/13 by Zehas

We are announcing our Shadow Realm™ service which will allow you to manage your preferences, buy games and use our products as well as our first upcoming game Ultimate Stratagem. We are expecting both the product and service to become available at the same time before the end of the year.

Shadow Realm Studios is now active!

20/06/13 by Zehas

Welcome everybody! From now on, the studio will be working on iOS, Android, PC, Mac and Linux games.

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