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Ultimate Stratagem Guide

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Note : The select all button found within the tile panel can be used to select a specific type of unit by clicking it multiple times.

Rules and Restrictions

  • Primary Goal : Eliminate the opponent's General
  • Outposts provide 10 resources per turns
  • Outposts provide 15 resources per turns
  • When the Ability Card game mode is enabled, each players receive 1 ability point per turns.
  • A general cannot move on any tiles already secured by any other units. Make sure your general always has a clear path to prevent him from getting trapped.
  • Regions formed from linking outposts together cannot go beyond montain tiles.

Startup Phase

Choose your startup location wisely. If you wish to play defensively, make sure there is the least amount of neighbor tiles to prevent your opponent from attacking from multiple locations all at once and do not forget to verify nearby costial tiles which might allow an easier way in for the enemy. If you choose to play offensively, you can attempt to secure a location closer to the opponent which could allow you to expend in multiple directions. If you judge that one location has to be controller as fast as possible to gain the upper hand, do not forget that you can use outposts to advance twice as fast.


Remember to make sure to upgrade your secured tiles to facilitate your pushing capabilities every time you have extra resources. Base are extremely useful at increasing your forces however keep in mind that they are not invincible and once captured, the opponent will gain all the extra features at your cost.


Ultimate Stratagem has multiple units, each with their perks and cons.

  • Scouts :
    • + Great against Tanks
    • + Cheap to produce
    • - Weak against Soldier
    • - Weak on plains (if the Terrain Superiority game mode has been enabled)
  • Soldiers :
    • + Great against Scouts
    • - Weak against Tanks
    • - Weak on Forests (if the Terrain Superiority game mode has been enabled)
  • Tanks :
    • + Great against Soldiers
    • - Expensive to produce
    • - Weak against Scouts
    • - Weak on mountains (if the Terrain Superiority game mode has been enabled)

Units gain a +2 dice bonus on units they are strong against and are prevented from receiving a +1 dice bonus when fighting on territories they are weak (if the Terrain Superiority game mode has been enabled).

Every battle are constitued of multiple rounds. During each round, Attackers are being matched with the defensive units. If the defense as a unit being better against one of the attacking unit, this unit will be picked automatically giving the defense an extra edge. For each units exceeding the opposite player forces during one of the rounds, the player will receive reroll options allowing them to reroll once a unit of the same type that has received an inferior score than his matched unit.